The most famous of the hive products, people have harvested this golden elixir for thousands of years.  Honey bees are unique in their remarkable ability to transform nectar from flowers into honey.  In fact, bees are the only insect to create a commercial food product for humans.

Honey isn’t just a natural sweetener.  It also has medicinal, if not magical, characteristics.  Check out these fun facts about honey:

— Honey never goes bad… it is a miracle food!  If honey is stored in an air-tight container, it will literally last thousands of years.  Honey excavated from Egyptian tombs was still good.  Amazing!

— Distilled honey is called “mead” — a carbonated (like champagne) wine.  The distilling process for all meads is the same, while the variety of this delicious beverage varies widely.  In fact, it is the forage of the bees (the flowers that nectar is collected from) that determines the flavor of the wine.  Mead has an extensive history, going back to ancient times; and is known as “the wine of the Gods.”

— Honey is a known, effective wound dressing material.  Because of the living microbes in it, honey has antibacterial properties.  While modern medicine has found alternatives to healing with honey, it had been used extensively throughout history to treat wounds, ulcers, burns and abcesses to the skin.