Bees in the News

Bay Area

Urban apiary store back in the bees-ness – SFGate 7/31/2011
Corte Madera scientist seeks help to save nation’s bees – Marin IJ 7/10/2011
San Francisco restaurant scene buzzing over rooftop hives – Washington Post 7/27/2011
Honeybee Chronicles: Beekeepers playing chess with nature – SFGate 7/24/2011
Master Gardeners: A Bee or not a bee, that is the question – MarinIJ 7/23/2011
Gardening for Native Bees – SFGate 7/11/2011
Local beekeepers stung by neighbors’ opposition – CBS Early Show 6/23/2011
Angry Buzz Rises Among Neighbors of Beekeepers – USA Today 6/22/2011

It’s a Great Time to be a Honeybee in the City – SFGate 4/22/2011

Honeybees making a comeback in California – SFGate 4/11/2011
Joy to the Beesl – SFGate 4/15/2011


Smuggled Honey Makes It to American Stores Under Cover… – Huffington Post 11/8/2011
Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn’t Honey – Food Safety News 11/7/2011
20 Unusual Uses for Honey – Huffington Post 9/10/2011
Around Bee Rescue, Honey and Rancor – NY Times 8/30/2011
Daredevils Compete in Annual Bee-Wearing Competition – Oddity Central 7/18/2011
Hotel Bees a Honey of an Idea – USA Today 5/16/2011
Microscopic Combo Suspected in Killing Bees – CBS News 12/1/2010
States Expand Efforts to Combat ‘Funny Honey’ That Isn’t Pure – USA Today 9/25/2010

The 4-Year Hunt for the Honey Bee Killer – CBS News 3/25/2010
Bees in More Trouble than Ever after Bad Winter – USA Today 3/24/2010


5 Years Later, Scientists Still Puzzled Honeybee Decline – PBS 07/28/2011
BBC Host Becomes a “Bad Beekeeper”– 06/24/2011
Bees Might Have Feelings Too – 6/17/2011
Big Apple is A Buzz with Bees – 6/15/2010
Movie Review: ‘Sun’ Days: A Time of Hanging On and Hoping – 6/09/2011

Nature’s Secret – Why Bees are Better Politicians than Humans – 5/24/2011
Bee Bonanza: From Hive Politics to Beekeeping – Talk of the Nation 12/24/2010