Beekeeping is a wonderful and rewarding hobby… not just for the sweet payload of raw honey and beeswax, but because bees are a complex and fascinating super organism!  

Even so, it  is important to recognize that bees are living creatures, and a commitment to act as steward to a colony of bees must not be taken lightly; particularly because of the perilous circumstances that bees face.  It is our hope that with that in mind, you will explore this site and educate yourself.  Become immersed in the obvious wonders of the bees, and develop a curiosity for the less obvious… but don’t for a moment underestimate how complex bees are or your ability to be captivated by them!

While this site is directed toward a Marin County (Northern California) audience, it will serve as a portal for anyone who loves bees.  Please give feedback, ask questions or simply explore.  We are glad that you’re here.

Bob & Anna Gravley




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  1. Anna,
    This is truely impressive and I commend you on all the time and hard work that went into this incredibly informative website for us all.

  2. Hi Anna!
    Our school is going to introduce bees to the campus this Spring, and we will definitely be using this fabulous resource! Thanks so much for all of your efforts! The website is extraordinary!

  3. Hi Anna –
    THIS LOOKS AWESOME! We bring our new “girlfriends” home on the 26th of April bringing us to two hives. I am so excited to learn about your adventures in this realm. Obviously, there is much to learn…we are trying to be sponges for information.

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